Stewed jerk chicken breast

One of the recipes I liked to cook quickly that was healthy and great if you want to get lean is stewed jerk chicken breast that is flavoured with curry.

The chicken breast recipe is great for shredding fat. And you can easily eat it as a snack or in a meal with vegetables and rice.

You will need:

  • Jerk marinade
  • Curry
  • Salt
  • Chicken Breast


  • Onions
  • Capsicum
  • Tomatoes


  1. Cut the chicken breast into small diced pieces.
  2. Place into a bowl
  3. Add the curry and salt to taste.
  4. Add Olive Oil into the frying pan and get the oil onto a medium heat.
  5. Put in the chicken and cook until it gets to a golden brown colour.
  6. Chop the onions, tomatoes, and capsicum into small pieces.
  7. Once the chicken is brown, add in the vegetables and mix.
  8. Add in water to start stewing the chicken.
  9. Add in 1 teaspoon of jerk marinade.
  10. Stew for 10-15 minutes on a low heat.
  11. Once the water level is almost at the base level of the pan, remove from the stove.
  12. Taste one of the pieces to ensure that the flavour is infused inside the chicken breast.
  13. Serve.

Try not to make your mouth water – Jerk chicken challenge

Try not to make your mouth water challenge.

Can you look at these photos of tasty, delicious Jerk Chicken and stop yourself from having your mouth water?

Let us know if you succeeded in the comments below.

Jerk chicken cooking on the grill.

Image credit: Sandals, Brent Hofacker


Why I love jerk chicken.

I’ve been fortunate to be raised on Jamaican style chicken my entire life. But the jerk seasoning, sauce, and flavour provides a different tasting experience.

Jerk chicken is my signature dish.

  • It won my heart.
  • It won my wife.
  • My father ran a Jamaican restaurant off the back of Jerk Chicken.

The main thing I want to achieve with this site is for people to have the opportunity to enjoy flavoursome Jerk Chicken.

Some of the recipes will branch away from the traditional Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

As much as I love Jamaican food, some of the things that I don’t enjoy are:

  • When the seasoning is burnt on the food.
  • When there isn’t flavour throughout the meat.
  • Trying to enjoy the food and you always have to spit out the bones.

This site is dedicated to enjoying the experience when eating Jerk chicken.

It should light-up a spark.

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