What does jerk chicken taste like?

Halal jerk chicken

The first thing that should come to mind when you are eating jerk chicken is flavour.

The different flavours should be swirling around your mouth and your taste buds. Depending on how the jerk chicken is cooked, you should taste the following flavours.

  • Saltiness
  • Hint of sweetness
  • Peppers and spice
  • A hot sensation (not a taste, but a tasting experience)
  • A mixture of vegetable flavours
  • Chicken flavour (from the actual chicken)

If you have barbecued jerk chicken, you should have the smoky flavour as well.

Do you want the perfect jerk chicken experience?

Below are some essential items that you should use to cook the perfect jerk chicken.

Smoker ovens

Get the smokey flavour in your jerk chicken.

Jerk chicken recipe books

Learn from others that have perfected the jerk chicken cooking technique.

Bbq turning tongs

Make sure your food is well cooked by turning the meat properly with turning tongs.

BBQ gloves

Keep save with BBQ gloves, which will allow you to cook the meat properly.

BBQ Woods and Charcoal.

Vary the smokey flavour by using different BBQ woods and charcoal.

Meat thermometer

Check the temperature of your meats while cooking.

BBQ sets

Get a complete BBQ set so that you are prepared to BBQ the best jerk chicken.